Tobasco's Amazing ClockwheelNEW VERSION FOR 2020!

Tobasco's Amazing Clockwheel™

July 30,2020:
A note from Tobasco

In 2022 it will be 20 years since I released this little "toy" of mine as a way to teach myself how to program and to help with my little radio station. The app was built for Windows XP. By the time Windows 7 came along, I had no longer been developing it and it was no longer installing properly.

Today I am proud to announce that a 2020 version of the Amazing Clockwheel™ is in the works!!! Built in Java, this version should withstand the test of time and be platform-independent so it won't become unusable after 5 years like the original version I wrote for XP.

I look forward to your feedback as I set this thing in motion.

~ Tobasco

What is it?
Tobasco's Amazing Clockwheel is an easy to use utility that allows you to automatically build formatted playlists quickly and effortlessly while increasing random song selection and limiting repeats to the fewest possible allowable repeats in a given time period.

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New features | Bugs and Workarounds

Tobasco's Amazing Clockwheel allows you to create a formatted hour, or any infinite amount of time, with an identifiable pattern in minutes. Once you have completed the basic setup the program can automatically generate new playlists every night automaticaly based on the format information you specify. You can also double check your playlists to make sure they contain valid MP3 files. It's difficult to remember which files you have moved to new folders and forget to change the playlists. Now use the List Checker feature to locate references to missing MP3's and remove them from your playlists before you build new shows.

Tired of building your 3 hour long 80's show every night before you go to bed after being at work for 9 hours? Is your loved one complaining about how much time you spend working on your station?

Set up Tobasco's Amazing Clockwheel once and never have to do it again. Every time it generates a new playlist it will be completely different than the previous one and it will have no repeats.


Sample station clockwheel

What the heck is a clock wheel?
A "clock wheel" is radio station lingo for a format clock. The clock face is divided into pie pieces and each small segment of time in an hour is prescribed a very specific item to be played on the air - from a song in a specific genre to a commercial or station promo.

To the right is a typical clock wheel for a Current Hits Radio format station.

To start working with your new program, proceed to step 1.


My name is Toby and people call me "Tobasco." I am in no way affiliated with TABASCO® products nor do I claim any sponsorship. Although I use TABASCO® products on much of the food I eat, even while programming, they had nothing to do with this program.

I'm not changing my nickname and I reserve the right to call myself whatever I want. I have no money so suing me will be of no use to you anyway.

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